Relaxation Centre

A wellness centre for relaxation awaits you at La Perla Hotel.
The sauna, chromatic and emotional showers, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi and Kneipp treatments offer you an afternoon of peace and relaxation.

Hydromassage Tub

The freshwater hydromassage tub at a high temperature (32°C – 37°C) allows you to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, a practice that promotes relaxation, pleasure and wellbeing.

The hot water relieves tension and improves circulation, while the air bubbles and the flow of water compress and decompress your tissue to aid blood and lymphatic circulation by draining excess fluid. The water also brings benefits to the skin by toning, smoothing and relaxing it.

The hydromassage is also a true source of psychological wellbeing. In fact, the pressure of the massage encourages the release of endorphins that stimulate the nervous fibres to create a pleasurable and relaxing sensation.

Hydromassage Tub Hotel La Perla

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is a dry heat bath; the temperature reached inside is between 80° and 100°C and generates a great amount of perspiration for the skin, increasing immune defences and improving the cardiovascular system.

The steam penetration into the skin helps to expel toxins and acids from the body through sweating, enhancing the beneficial effects of a stable diet.

Finnish Sauna Hotel La Perla

Emotional Shower

This offers much more than just a shower: it is a mini well-being route, which offers multiple functions in a concentrated space.

It is a magical moment which frees the mind and brings the 5 senses together in a “jet of water”, through colours, smells and sounds which pamper and envelop the body, at the same time infusing a strong vital recharge. Through the various types of water cascades, the upper muscles of the body are able to release contractures and relax, giving you a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Emotional Shower Hotel La Perla

Kneipp Route

The kneipp route exposes the passage through two pools, where the alternation between 38ºC hot water and 18ºC cold water offers an immediate benefit to the circulation and to the nervous system, also thanks to a pleasant foot massage, carried out with black river pebbles which cover the bottom of the two pools.

The heat calms and softens the body, slowing down the activity of the internal organs. The cold, on the other hand stimulates and reinvigorates, which increases internal activity.

Kneipp Route Hotel La Perla

Heat Bench

The heat bench helps relax muscle tension; it effortlessly encourages blood circulation and relieves rheumatic pain. The warm ray gives a lasting effect of total harmony within your body, reducing stress and allowing you to reach a sense of relaxation.

Heat Bench Hotel La Perla

Turkish Bath and Tepidarium

With its clouds of steam, scents and chromotherapy, the Turkish bath offers the best relaxation.

The relative humidity at 100% and a temperature of 35° – 50° favour deep cleansing and purification of the skin, the expansion of respiratory bronchioles and peripheral vasodilation with a toning and relaxing effect for the whole body.

Turkish Bath and Tepidarium Hotel La Perla