The beaches

Hotel La Perla is ideally located within easy reach of many beaches in the eastern part of Sardinia.

Porto Frailis

Approximately 500 metres from Hotel La Perla is the little bay of Porto Frailis under the tower of San Gemiliano, a sandy cove which opens onto the granite coast south of Capo Bellavista.

The bay is sheltered from the wind and surrounded by flat rocks on both sides. During the summer, the cove is very popular with swimmers and you can rent sun loungers and beach umbrellas.

Porto Frailis Hotel La Perla

Lido di Orrì

About 13 kilometres by car from Hotel La Perla the enchanting beach of Orrì can be found. Famous for its numerous inlets that each lead to delightful little deserted beaches, Orrì is considered one of the most beautiful and clean beaches in all of Sardinia.

It is a very long, very wide beach, with almost 16 kilometres of coastline, distinguished by a white, ultra-fine sand and with seabed water that extends approximately 300 metres from the shore, and of the clearest sky-blue.

The beach has a white sand base with rocks polished over time both on the sandy shore and emerging from the waters, that are a pale, iridescent blue due to the trick of light of the sun reflecting on the seabed. There are many kinds of services here, from sun lounger and parasol hire, to various kiosks, to games for kids.

Lido di Orrì Hotel La Perla

Il Golfetto

It is the most famous and breathtaking of the small coves at Orrì beach. The beach is of fine white sand, decorated with flat rocks, with typical Mediterranean bushy vegetation behind it.

The crystalline water is very shallow, with silver-blue reflections. There are numerous services of all kinds, from sunbed and beach umbrella rental through various kiosks, and even games for children.

Il Golfetto Hotel La Perla

Cea Lido

Located at around 15 km from Hotel La Perla, with the beautiful Red Faraglioni (Is Scoglius Arrubius) cliffs standing a few metres from the shore, the Cea Lido is a destination for the most ardent of divers.

It is very long, fine and white. To the south it is bordered by a range of rocks known as Punta Niedda, while just beyond the beach is the volcanic rock of Teccu.

Behind the beach there extends the dense vegetation of Mediterranean scrub, which presents a break of colour as well as a fresh scent. A little further on there is a small bay with a rocks and pebbles bottom, which offers mooring for pleasure boats. The lido does not have many services, such as the Orrì beach has, but it is possible to find a couple of kiosks and ample parking space.

Cea Lido Hotel La Perla

Torre di Barisardo

Just a few km away from the beach at Cea you will find the beach of Barisardo, dominated by its characteristic tower. The beach south of the tower extends for around 5km and appears to jut into the slopes of Monte Ferru.

The northern beach is a little shorter at 2km and is bordered by a pine forest. Both are characterised by highly unusual sand which is rather like gravel. It has a very pleasant colour and texture because it does not stick and because of the natural massage that it gives to the soles of your feet.

Torre di Barisardo Hotel La Perla

Su Sirboni

About 25km from Hotel La Perla lies a small natural treasure, ready to be discovered. Surrounded by bright red rocks, the location is simply dazzling, for the colour of the water and the whiteness of the sand. The local Mediterranean maquis reaches all the way down to the beach. The beach is almost always empty, due to being difficult to reach and hidden by the thick vegetation, which conveniently shelters it from the winds.

The seabed is deep in this spot. Being exposed to the wind, the bay of Su Sirboni is also a favourite with surfers, as well as those who love underwater fishing or simply swimming with mask and fins to admire the seabed’s pleasant surprises. The beach has no facilities and is difficult to access.

Su Sirboni Hotel La Perla


About five kilometres from the little pearl of Su Sirboni is the beach of Coccorrocci, about four kilometres long with a seabed about five metres deep. The beach is situated on the base of the mass of Monte Ferru, along the eastern central coast of Sardinia.

Protected by the capes of Capo d’Asta to the north and Capo Sferracavallo to the south, it is made up entirely of polished pebbles of many colours, from grey, to pink and green (where a plenitude of marine snails live, that are called coccorroccius in Sardinian dialect) and it is surrounded by jagged cliffs of red porphyry that bend into numerous small inlets.

Coccorrocci is the largest pebble beach in Sardinia. The panorama of mounts Ferru and Cartucceddu is extraordinary, looming on the coastline with rocks and dense forests. There are no services on the beach.

Coccorrocci Hotel La Perla